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3 Cold Calling Scripts to Start a Conversation Like a Pro

There are differing opinions on cold calling. Some say it’s not conducive to organically growing sales, while others feel it’s a very effective technique.

Instead of debating whether cold calling is effective or not, let’s compare the stats.

69% of consumers report responding to cold sales calls. More than half of C-suite executives prefer knowing information about a new product or service over a call. 80% of sales require at least 5 follow-up calls before closing the deal.

These stats show that no matter how you feel about cold calling, it’s effective nonetheless. It may not be the most pleasant part of your job, but it’s crucial.

Today we have compiled 3 cold calling scripts to help you start a conversation with anyone. Since we cannot eliminate cold calling, the least we can do is to become better at it.

What Is a Cold Calling Script?

A script gives you the exact words that you need to start and continue a conversation. But just because you have a script doesn’t mean you have to follow it down to a T. Take these scripts as guidelines on what and when to speak over a cold call.

Here are 3 cold calling scripts to start a conversation with anyone.

Script 1: For the Busy Customer

For the Busy Customer

Many people hate cold outreach because it catches them in the middle of a busy day. As such, these people are bound to tell you that they are busy and hang up. There’s nothing defeatist about this as it is nothing personal.

Here’s a script to handle the busy customers while respecting their time:

You: Hello, this is John from XYZ company. Do you have a minute to learn about our new product/service? 

Prospect: No, I’m very busy at the moment.

You: Sorry to interrupt; is there a better time to call?

Prospect: Yes, you can call me tomorrow.

You: Thank you for letting me know; I look forward to talking to you tomorrow.

As you can see, it’s a simple script with no fancy techniques. Sometimes the most straightforward approach is also the best approach.

Script 2: For the Eager Customer

The number of people disinterested in cold calls is higher than the number of people interested in them. However, that does not mean that you won’t come across the odd customer who is willing to speak to you. That’s the opportunity you have been working for, and you do not want to ruin it.

Here’s a script for customers who are willing to talk over a cold sales call:

You: Hi, I’m John from XYZ Infotech Solutions. Is this a good time to talk to you about our newest launch?

Prospect: Yes, go ahead. 

You: Thanks for your time. We have launched a new set of SaaS tools at XYZ Infotech Solutions to manage remote employees effectively. We offer competitive pricing with cutting-edge features.

Prospect: Okay, that sounds good.

You: Our product is geared towards small to medium enterprises. We have developed a common interface for employees and employers to interact, have real-time discussions, and brainstorm even when working remotely. This tool is perfect for you if you face any communication challenges with employees and team members.

Prospect: Our team is growing, making connectivity increasingly difficult. I’d like to know more about your service.

You: Are you using any remote working tool at the moment?

Prospect: Yes, we use ABC at our workplace.

You: Our tool takes the functionality of ABC to the next level to make a truly immersive remote working environment. Our subscription plans offer better pricing. Let me guide you to the key benefits of choosing our solution over ABC.

From here, you go on to guide the prospect. The above cold calling script shows what a successful sales call looks like.

Script 3: For Building Rapport With the Client

For Building Rapport With the Client

If you put extra effort into trying to know the prospect, your chances of succeeding are higher. Of course, it doesn't guarantee success, but you are more likely to hit the right chord when you have done your research.

Here's a cold calling script for when you have researched the prospect:

You: Hi, I’m John from XYZ Infotech Solutions. Is this a good time to talk about your website?

Prospect: Yes, please go ahead.

You: I found your company's website and was really pleased with its layout. However, I also noted that you don't use any electronic signature software. Is there a reason for this?

Prospect: Yes, I believe that it has no real purpose.

You: Okay, I understand. Although, I would like to tell you that the clients we have worked with over the past few months now claim that e-signing has produced a significant return on investment.

Prospect: Okay, I am listening.

You: Our tool for electronic signatures, XYZ, provides free and premium versions. You can try the free version first if you are unsure about it. Do you and your clients always prefer to file paperwork by hand?

Prospect: I favour manually filing paperwork. However, I have several clients who mostly prefer e-signing applications.

You: I see. Our research shows that processes take 25% less time to complete when all parties are using e-signing tools.

Prospect: That's interesting. However, before I make a choice, I'd like more details.

You: Sure, can I schedule a meeting with you at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow to discuss the same?

Prospect: Yes, sure.

You: Excellent! I’ll talk to you tomorrow then. Take care, bye. 

Scripts Are Great, but They Aren’t One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

While we are in total agreement on using cold calling scripts to convert a lead, we also recognize their limitations. You can only do so much with a script if you don't have the ability to drive a conversation spontaneously.

Effective selling is all about practice. At Juno School, we believe in empowering all learners with the fundamental tools of sales and marketing that can help them succeed in any situation. Cold calling scripts are one of the many ways to make cold calling more effective.

For more resources on how to be a better salesperson, head over to our blog.

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