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10 Reasons To Pursue A Career In Sales

Sales as a career has never been more exciting. In today’s competitive market, every company is looking for a persuasive salesperson. If you are wondering whether it’s the right choice or not, keep reading to know the ten arguments in favour of a rewarding career in sales. Before that, let’s get our understanding of sales clear. 

What is sales?

To put it simply, a career in sales is a career in selling products, ideas, and services. As a salesperson, your job is to convince customers that a given product is right for them. It is also your responsibility to figure out which customers relate to a certain product or service and are more likely to buy it. 

A successful salesperson can easily touch the $100,000 mark in a year. Since it is a performance-based profession, there is no upper limit to how much you can earn. However, money might not be the only reason you want to go into sales. It is also a fulfilling and rewarding profession for those who have a passion for dealing with customers and their problems. 

Here are ten reasons to pursue a career in sales and make it big. 

1. Choose your working hours

choose your working hours

As the recent Great Resignation phenomenon showed us, there are many reasons people quit jobs apart from salary. One of the major reasons behind people quitting their existing corporate jobs and going for a sales career is the independence to decide your work schedule. As a salesperson, you have complete freedom to choose when you want to work and how you want to work. If you are someone who values work-life balance and spending time with family, a career in sales will give you the opportunity to live that dream. 

2. Get into sales from with any background

A good salesperson can be an MBA graduate or be a fine arts major. In certain cases, the fine arts major would actually perform better than the MBA graduate. Since sales is a game of persuasion and convincing, your interpersonal skills matter more than your formal education

If you find yourself stuck in a job you don’t like, you can give sales a try with whatever background you have. It is a great way to explore new career paths and see what works for you. 

3. Network and find more opportunities

Sales, by definition, involve multiple people. There must be a buyer, a seller, and an intermediary, that is, the salesperson. Since it is such a relationship-intensive job, salespeople create amazing networks of influential people. 95% of working professionals in the world agree that networking is the gateway to better opportunities. Since sales gives you an opportunity to network a lot, it can open other lucrative windows for you without you actively looking for it. 

If you possess the interpersonal skills necessary to be a good salesperson, you will also find it easy to create a wide network. It will help you in unexpected ways in the future. 

4. Competitive work environment

A career in sales is extremely rewarding, but it is equally competitive. If you are someone who thrives in a competitive environment, sales might be the best profession for you. Being a salesperson demands the best from you every day. With a career in sales, there are no boring days in office.

5. Choice of work model

As a salesperson, there are many office models available to you. If you prefer to work from office or home, you can be a telecaller salesperson. On the other hand, you can also be on the field, meeting customers in person and attending meetings. A career in sales gives you the freedom to choose whichever model you like. Even better, you can choose to switch whenever you like. Sales lets you make the best of remote opportunities.

6. Achieve personal milestones

Any successful career involves setting goals and achieving them. However, not every profession makes this process easy. You might find yourself stuck in a job that pays well but has no scope for growth. In worse cases, you might end up in a field that is no longer relevant. As a salesperson, setting goals and achieving them might not be easy, but is structured better. You get a clear idea about where you want to go and what you want to do. 

7. Earning big money

earning big money

If you want to make a lot of money, sales can help you achieve this goal. Since it is a performance-based profession, how much you earn depends exclusively on how hard you work. If you are a hustler, being a salesperson will fetch you a lot of money. 

8. Get first-hand experience 

No education is more precious than hands-on experience. As a salesperson, you get to interact with customers directly. If you decide to go into entrepreneurship in the future, a career in sales will set you up for success. 

Being a sales executive helps you understand exactly what customers want and what the pain points are. People working in full-time desk jobs often lose this connection with the masses. Going into entrepreneurship with a background in sales will make you all the more prepared for the challenges. 

9. Travel a lot

It is a dream for many people to be able to travel as and when they want. Desk jobs make it impossible. If you choose to be a sales executive, you also have the opportunity to travel a lot. You get to travel to new cities, states, and even countries as a part of your job. It is an exciting prospect for many people. 

10. Restart your career

For those who unfortunately lost or had to quit their jobs, sales give a chance to restart their career. Since there are not many formal requirements to be a sales executive, anyone can give it a shot and earn a living from it. If you find yourself in a position where you desperately need an avenue to restart your career, a profession in sales holds immense potential. 

As you must be realised by now, there are several arguments in favour of a career in sales. Apart from the ten reasons mentioned above, there are tons of other factors that make sales a great career path. With hard work and perseverance, anyone can make it big in the world of sales. 

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