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Sales Is Facing a Hiring Crisis - Why It’s an Opportunity for a Fresh Graduate

According to a recent job search survey, August 2021 marked a record of 4.3 million employees quitting their jobs in the US alone. The survey further pointed out that a social shift marked in the span of 18 months completely transformed employees’ ideas of what makes a job role good enough for them to pursue. Hence, despite the plentiful job opportunities available in the market globally, young workers are not willing to associate themselves with it. 

Every organisation today is moved by the role its sales department plays, even more so in the post-pandemic era. Sales being the major revenue driving source for any business organisation, is always under the spotlight. However, despite the rising unemployment due to the recession, sales employers nationwide are in a hiring crisis.

Well, there’s good news for fresh graduates — With this changing landscape, there has never been a better time to pursue sales as a career choice. 

5 Reasons Why Fresh Graduates Should Consider Sales As A Career Choice Right Now  

Fresh out of college and can’t decide what profession is the right one for you? The availability of multiple career options, such as sales, marketing, accounting, etc., can confuse you in making up your mind. 

However, with the trend calling out for sales professionals and the wide scope of learnings this field offers, sales as a career of choice can be a no-brainer. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s a great opportunity for fresh graduates up for grab! 

1. The Scope and Growth in Sales is Unimaginable

The Scope and Growth in Sales is Unimaginable

The future of sales appears to be flourishing. With massive growth in technology, healthcare, professional, business, and other manufacturing sectors, there has been an ever-growing demand for smart sales professionals. Recent research found that the average salary increment rate for sales profile jobs was 9.82% in 2021. 

In addition, it can be the best move for fresh graduates in terms of personal growth. From banking on commissions and learning a wide range of skills to taking the staircase to become the CEO of a company one day, there’s no cap on the success one can achieve through a career in sales. 

2. Higher Retention Rate for the Employees

With the Indian economy giving way to new jobs, and with the low median tenure of young workers, it’s putting businesses through huge losses. The currently booming economy, along with the changing demographics of recruiting, is thereby enforcing organisations to focus on sales reps' retention rate. Hence, a job in the sales career for a fresh graduate right now would mean a laid out strong ground in the longer run. 

3. Greater Perks than usual 

Due to the crunch, even the fastest-growing companies are unable to attract sales talent. Therefore, employers in the sales field are exploring numerous ways to position themselves more strongly than their competitors by offering greater perks than usual. From flexible work arrangements and salary increases to providing on-the-job training, there’s a wide array of perks that a fresh graduate may be offered while choosing sales as a career right now, in the current market scenario. 

4. Sales now means more than just selling 

The crisis and the pandemic have transformed sales as a profession completely. With the pandemic hitting the ground, the nature of sales changed dramatically. With sales expanding its horizon to online selling, it has now become a more digitally focused profession.

It no more just requires a professional to thrive through face to face interactions and building relations but now has a wide array of new learnings attached. From using cutting-edge technological tools to mastering ways of online interactions, sales is now a profession that helps you grow your digital roots too. 

5. Exciting and Evolving Environment

Exciting and Evolving Environment

Cracked your first deal? Closed a new client? Learnt the sales software language? Despite the failures and the frustrations that come attached with this profession, there are a lot of healthy challenges this career presents to a fresh graduate. 

It offers an ever-evolving environment that currently sees no end. Every sales role presents a challenge or a milestone with it, that brings in a level of adventure and excitement. For a fresh graduate, it is of utmost importance to be constantly motivated to take on challenges and new learnings. 

Create your Success Path With a Solid Career in Sales

For a fresh graduate, starting your career path right is the only key to building a successful future. Sales is undeniably a profession where one can expect to build oneself from the ground up. From effective communication skills to a strong network - it is a full circle that teaches an individual to thrive in just any profession in the future. 

Offering a flexible work environment, high earning potential, a means to challenge yourself, and a chance to continuously build your skills and grow your professional capabilities — sales is one of the most desirable career options. 

So, if you want to kickstart your sales journey right, Juno presents a one-stop platform for you to learn about everything you need to know about sales. With the most advanced masterclasses and up to date knowledge on cutting edge tools like CRMs, it aims to impart everything a graduate needs to land the perfect sales profession. 

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