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Top 10 Sales Skills You Need To Learn From Sales Training

‘Sales’ was never one of the most sought-after careers like its counterparts ‘engineering,’ ‘medicine,’ ‘law,’ etc. Therefore, you would have never heard a student opting for a sales training course or saying they wanted to make a career in sales

A sales stats report says that only 39% of salespeople had the intention to work in sales. This means most of those working in the field would not have underdone or opted for a sales training program. 

However, companies with dedicated sales enablement functions or training programs saw a 29% improvement in sales training effectiveness.

Provided the specialised nature of the job, sales training would help aspirants learn essential sales skills. Moreover, sales skills can be acquired at any career stage, provided you are willing to work on them.

Here we have brought you the top ten sales skills which can be acquired through a good sales skills training program to make a successful career in sales.

Top 10 Trainable Sales Skills 

Take a look at the skills below: 

1. Leadership

Sales is a high-performance job involving many decision-making and problem-solving activities. Therefore, a sales rep must be independent in taking the lead and show leadership abilities at times.

Though a leadership trait can be inborn or developed over formatting years of schooling and college, it can be developed through practice later. For example, a sales career becomes a learning ground for leadership, or a sales training course could also help the aspirants learn leadership in the field. 

2. Tech savviness 

Though sales had been a field job for an extended period, a digital side emerged after Covid. The use of several sales tools, marketing and project management software and social media for selling has become an integral part of sales strategies.

A stats report says that 78% of salespeople who do social selling outsell their peers. Hence, being tech-savvy and embracing new technological advancements is a good skill for becoming a successful salesperson.


3. Networking

Relationship building with old, existing, and prospective clients is another crucial skill for a sales rep. It develops through good listening, empathy, the art of personalisation, building trust, and proper follow-ups with the clients.

A sales rep can always ask their old and existing clients for referrals which is a great way to expand their network. But salespeople barely ask for referrals

For instance, 57.9% of salespeople in a survey reported asking for less than one referral per month. However, seeking referrals helps salespeople to earn 4 to 5 times more.

4. Effective communication

 A sales rep’s success depends on how effectively they can convey their message to persuade the prospective client. 

This comes with practice. During the initial days, they can keep a structured script for phone calls and master it over time. However, despite the script, what matters is how the sales rep emotes it and develops a personal connection with the prospect.

The tone of speaking, confidence, not sounding too salesy or desperate, and active listening plays a crucial role in effective communication.

Time management

5. Time management

Sales are all about how good you are at time management. 

From creating a planner, assigning time for follow-ups, and doing research to conducting internal and client meetings, all sales-related tasks need proper time management. 

Also, meeting deadlines and monthly sales targets and promptly reverting to clients’ demands need calls for time management skills.

A study says that sales reps spend only 36.6% of their time doing actual sales, while 63.4% is spent in non-revenue generating activities. In addition, many spend much of their time procrastinating. Hence, proper time-management skills are crucial for a salesperson. 

6. Planning and strategy making

Planning and strategy-making can help better manage time and ultimately help with better sales. From setting targets, deadlines, and meeting schedules to a robust follow-up plan, sales need proper planning at every step.

Numerous software, tools and apps can help you organise your planning and strategy-making process. 

7. Storytelling

 Stories help sell. It always had…

This is what is done by the advertising industry. They create stories and involve emotions to persuade people to buy a product. ‘Sales,’ is no different. 

Storytelling is subtle and one of the most successful ways of persuading your target audience.

Storytelling helps engage clients, develop rapport, and build trust with them. Group storytelling sessions can help you master the art, or joining a sales training program will also help.    

8. Judgement and analytical abilities

A sales rep, with time, must develop an understanding of the relevant prospects. This would help them avoid wasting time on someone who wouldn’t lead. 

At least 50 % of your prospects are not a good fit for what you sell. Hence, judgement and analytical abilities save much of a sales rep's time.  

9. Patient listening

Many sales reps mistake speaking out the rote memorised script to the prospects on the call rather than trying to assess their reaction. Yet, listening to the prospects' concerns in between is essential to make them feel valued. 

10. Resilience

After all, a sales rep’s job is full of challenges and, sometimes, rejections. However, not taking such temporary setbacks to heart is the key to success. No matter how often you fail, you must get back and be resilient.  

Choose the Right Sales Training Course 

There are different sets of skills a salesperson must work on. Apart from professional and technological skills, sales require a great deal of patience and emotional intelligence. 

Every set of skills can be acquired with time and practice. However, a specialised training course will add more value and guidance to your current situation.

Online sales training courses are accessible, flexible, and can be done worldwide. It can be taken up despite your already busy schedule.

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