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How Sales Training Workshops Will Improve Your Sales Teams Performance

According to a Forbes magazine report, more than 55% of people working in sales lack essential skills required for a sales career. On the other hand, only 13% of customers believe that the salesperson understands their needs. This is where sales training workshops can be a massive help. Since not every salesperson is born with natural selling or persuasion skills,training workshops are crucial for them to learn the tactics.

Sales training workshops can help boost your company’s sales, close deals quicker, and help retain your employees by providing them with a better work environment, as they help in increasing productivity of your salespeople by equipping them with strategies and skills required for the job. 

Read further to know all about sales training workshops and the reasons to be a part of such workshops.

What are Sales Training Workshops?

What are Sales Training Workshops

Sales training workshops are hands-on sessions designed for salespeople to enhance their selling skills. Such workshops can be conducted in-house or externally through platforms that specialise in sales strategy and training.

What do Sales Training Workshops Include?

In a sales training workshop, the learners are expected to do certain exercises related to sales,  such as:

1. Researching and identifying prospects and building a database

2. Pitching and convincing the prospects to attend a demo call

3. Use of social media and other tools and software to manage their sales database and calendar

4. Charting your sales process and the sales strategy

5. Team building exercises

6. Preparing a sales pitch script for different mediums (email/phone/ in-person meetings)

7. Planning follow-ups

8. Handling rejections

How Sales Training Workshops Can Help You and Your Team to Improve Sales Performance

How Sales Training Workshops Can Help You and Your Team to Improve Sales Performance
“A winning effort begins with preparation.”

-          Joe Gibbs

Attending sales training workshops is the best way to prepare for such a challenging field. Statistics say that companies that invest in sales training are 57% more effective at sales compared to their competitors. Some of the important benefits of a sales training workshop are:

1. It equips you with effective and efficient sales techniques.

2. It can help train your stafff in a way that you can close bigger deals and hence increase your conversion rate. Sales training reaps a 353% ROI for the average company.

3. As an employee, it will enhance your overall sales skills, and as an organisation, it will fetch better sales results if your sales executives are well trained. Sales training can boost the performance of salespeople by around 20%.

4. It will introduce some of the best sales practices, like the use of tools and software for client management, or seamless follow-ups etc.

5. As an organisation, it will help you retain your salespeople. Such workshops build confidence in them and provide a supportive environment. High-growth companies invest and indulge more in sales trainings.

6. It  enhances your knowledge about the product and its features.

7. Lastly, it can help infuse creativity and fresh ideas through group work and discussions.

What are the Costs Involved in Sales Training Workshops?

The sales training costs may depend on several factors like the modules shared by the sales trainer, the trainer's or the company's expertise, the training workshops' length, etc. The fact that a single person or company takes the workshop also determines the cost. It may start to vary somewhere from 1000 INR to around 70,000 INR per session by the sales training company. According to statistics, over one trillion dollars are spent annually on sales forces.

How to Choose the Best Sales Training Program?

1. Sales Training Workshop Curriculum: The first and foremost thing you should check while choosing a sales training program or workshop is the curriculum. Ask for a prospectus or brochure and check if it has all the necessary details.

2. Expertise in the Field: Do a little bit of research and try to understand the expertise of the institute or the trainers. See if the trainers have good field experience because, in the end, sales are about practice and application rather than just theories.

3. Thought Leadership: Checking their website and the kind of communication material they have created; this is a good way to check their expertise. Go through their blogs, articles, social media posts, whitepapers or case studies to assess their industry expertise.

4. Interact with Alumni: See if you can find some information about their previous batches and talk to them about their experience with  the institute or their training workshops. This will give you a much clearer picture.

5. Customised and Flexibility: Always check if their programs are customizable according to your needs and requirements. See if they provide flexible learning modules like flexible timings, online workshops, etc.


Sales training workshops will not be able to teach you everything in just a couple of days, and need to put in the effort from your end and keep upgrading yourself.Such workshops can make you acquainted with the best industry practices and help you shape your career in the right direction.

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