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5 Sales Trends Shaping the Future of Sales

Accelerating digital transformation all across, businesses in 2022 are seizing on its incredible potential. A McKinsey report states that the pandemic induced uncertainties have triggered a digital transformation worth several years in advance. Unsurprisingly, sales are currently encountering some of the most significant revolutions in recent history. For instance, 66% of senior executives in commercial pharma said in a survey that they believe companies will gradually distance themselves from legacy sales rep models. Moreover, B2B knows what it wants: personalised experience, more channels, and convenience; these demands call for an updated sales strategy. End-users and buyers, too, are showing changing attitudes to buying, calling for renewed attention to sales strategy fit for the time. 

So the question is: what is driving the next sales revolution since the internet? Certainly, it is the digitisation of legacy sales. What else and how? Here’re five sales trends that are shaping the future of sales. 

5 Sales Trends Reshaping The Future Of the Sales Industry 

Let's take a closer look at the significant sales trends influencing sales in the future:

1. Artificial Intelligence(AI)-led selling 

Artificial Intelligence(AI)-led selling 

Big data is the new game driving up productivity and enabling growth. 

With AI-led technology taking over most of the sales tasks, India's sales will reach $7.8 billion by 2025. Ask how? 

AI in sales is the future as it continuously proves itself as a technological revolution enhancing human capabilities to filter information and come up with information, helping teams do their jobs better and faster. 

Focusing on providing a predictive capacity to the teams allows room for detecting opportunities and patterns faster and efficiently. In addition, with its wide range of use cases ranging from guidance on nurturing the potential leads and automating emails to knowing which customer needs to be handled first, it’s the breakthrough that is here to stay. 

 2. Reskilling & training 

A majority of the workforce in sales witnessed their plates becoming either more significant with responsibilities or changing completely, thanks to the pandemic. Therefore, employees were trained to grow to the massive shift to working from home, getting acquainted with the new technological sales tools and even handling clients virtually. 

With technology playing a significant role in the future, as the only way to progress ahead in sales has started a trend of reskilling the workforce and upscaling their knowledge from time to time. Imparting training to adapt to the new sales dynamic has now become the ‘new normal’ and is a trend that is expected to follow in the future. 

 3. Expanding digital sales channels 

Capitalising on different sales channels for any business is essential for the sales process. Evolving consumer behaviour is a driving force behind this change. Consumers today demand products and services on every platform they’re active on and various options to process their transactions. 

As a solution, modernising the eCommerce structure by expanding digital channels and creating flexible architectures seems to increase sales for businesses rapidly. 

Some of the trending ways businesses are widening their sales horizons to various platforms are via social media, distributor sales, third party sales and in-app sales. 

4. Highly collaborative approach with remote teams 

Highly collaborative approach with remote teams

Traditional siloed sales structures have become a talk of the past as they prove themselves dysfunctional now and then. Today, every business centres around customers’ needs and satisfaction and wishes to draw upon a sales strategy that caters to exactly that. 

However, implementing a meticulous sales strategy centring on the customers’ needs requires the workforce in different departments to deliver together as one entity. This is why it is more critical to emphasise the importance of shared goals, tactics, priorities, and a collaborative working environment. 

Hence, remote sales teams today are continuously embracing a free-flowing integrated system for a connected view of data for optimal performance.

5. More and more automation 

Automation is becoming the heart of sales. With the endless benefits a CRM sales automation tool offers, it is becoming a no brainer for businesses to deploy one if they don’t already have one. 

In addition to automating mundane administrative tasks, CRM also allows more time for employees to work out strategic sales cycles and build stronger relationships with the customers on a deeper level. 

Businesses in the future will only get hyper-competitive along with increased complexity, which would ultimately demand solutions such as automation to stay in the game. Hence, going forward, undoubtedly, more and more automation will be used to handle sales tasks and shape the future of sales. 

Sail Your Sales Ship Right 

Given the bright future of sales — with the sales trends transforming the landscape of future sales  — it is certain that a career in sales at this point can be the best choice to progress professionally. 

A sales career right now would equip one with knowledge regarding the current sales trends and help one grow on a personal level to reach even greater heights. 

From soft skills to technological skills, it demands a 360-degree skill set for a sales professional to excel in their career. While it may not be the easiest choice for starting, it can be the best career decision to get training that prepares you for knocking any door down. 

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