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How to Write the Best Sales Pitch Within 10 Minutes?

Did you know that “only 24% of sales emails are ever opened?” And that “more than 40% of sales professionals find prospecting the most difficult part of the sales funnel.”

Whether it is about an email pitch or scripting a verbal pitch, a sales pitch is the first impression that you make on your potential clients. A crisp, catchy, to-the-point, and well-prepared pitch that adds value to your customers’ needs would help you sell well. And with some simple hacks, you can create a great sales pitch for a successful sale.  

Here in this article, we have discussed eight hacks that can help you develop effective sales pitches. But before that, let’s explore ‘what is a sales pitch,’ ‘the components of a sales pitch,’ and ‘the features of good selling.’

What Is a Sales Pitch?

What Is a Sales Pitch

HubSpot defines a sales pitch as a condensed sales presentation where a salesperson explains the nature and benefits of their business, ideally in less than one or two minutes.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a sales pitch as a speech given to persuade someone to buy something. Precisely it is connecting with potential buyers by the salespeople to persuade them to buy the product. A sales pitch is also known as an elevator pitch that needs to be delivered within the time frame of a single elevator ride.

What Does an Ideal Sales Pitch Comprise?

A sales pitch is not a fluke or spontaneous conversation that yields magical results in one go. It takes meticulous scripting and consistent practice on the salesperson’s end to create and master it. Different salespeople have different styles of pitching, but here are some common components that a sale pitch should comprise:

  • A mention of the problem of the customer which the product can solve.
  • The value that the product would add to the customers’ experience.
  • Testimonials or customer stories that are personalised or can evoke emotions in the customers.
  • Achievements and reference examples explaining the product’s credibility and performance.
  • A closing question or call to action (can be open-ended) to intrigue the customer to respond or carry forward the conversation 

Features of Successful Selling

A sales pitch is only a part of selling. Other elements like strategy, follow-ups, sales person’s attitude, etc., are equally important. So, to make a good sales pitch, it is better to be aware of some standard components of effective selling.

Successful selling:

  • is less braggy,
  • prioritises customer’s needs,
  • employs storytelling,
  • and substantiates one’s claims with comprehensive facts and stats.

8 Points to Remember to Write the Best Sales Pitch

8 Points to Remember to Write the Best Sales Pitch
  • Keep It Short

Did you know that one of the world’s most successful pitches was only 2 lines long? Yes! Short pitches respect the prospect’s time and leave him/her wanting for more. On average, an email of 150 words is good enough to crack a deal. Airbnb’s pitches have helped raise over $112 million and are the best example of simplicity.

  • Identify Your Target Audience

At least 50% of your prospects are not a good fit for what you sell.” You won’t be able to create your pitch well unless you know your audience well. Only depending on their interests, demographic details, and common problem areas will you be able to offer a solution to them (i.e., your product/service).

  • Engage the Client

Use engaging headlines and taglines to ensure your pitch is not dull. The best is to incorporate storytelling. This would invoke emotions in your prospects and influence them to make a buy. A recent survey report says, "After a sales presentation, 63% of attendees remember stories while only 5% remember statistics.”

  • Substantiate Your Pitch With Facts

Use customer reviews, case studies, and testimonials to give a better impression and look convincing. What do you do when buying anything online? You go through reviews and product descriptions to gather information. Similarly, your prospective client will also seek recommendations from other buyers, credentials, etc., to decide.

  • Don’t Forget to Sell

Did you know that 85% of the sales conversations end without the salesperson ever asking for the sale to the prospect? Though your sales pitch shouldn’t be too salesy or braggy, you must not forget to sell. Once you finish addressing your prospect’s problem and narrating an enticing story, tell him/her clearly what they need to do next to solve their problem. Let them know how they can buy from you by directing them to the link/giving them your contact information to connect.

  • Check for Language and Grammar

This is basic, but bad grammar or language would be a big turn-off to your prospects. Use free tools like Grammarly, Hemingway, etc., to ensure that the language and grammar are flawless in your sales pitch (email).

  • Have a Robust Follow-up Plan

80 percent of buyers deny before finally saying yes to purchase a product.” The key is to keep following up. However, there must be proper gaps between each follow-up session to avoid annoying the prospect. Keeping a follow-up plan or calendar would help you to track your schedule. We recommend you create a fresh pitch for follow-ups as well.

  • Create and Follow a Pitch Strategy

Random pitches won’t help much. You need to create a pitch strategy to reach many clients easily. The strategy should be designed keeping in mind your target audience so that you don’t end up pitching irrelevant prospects. Invest time in creating a plan and stick through it. You may need to tweak it a little as you progress and make improvements on the way.


In the end, it is the persuasion ability of a salesperson with a bit of luck that would determine sales results. However, a well-crafted sales pitch is crucial to persuade or leave a lasting impact on your prospect.

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