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How to Get a Corporate Sales Job? Tips, Career Paths and More

If you are dynamic, love interacting with people and have strong negotiation skills, a career in sales can be perfect for you. Employers are often on the hunt for corporate salespeople who can boost brand recognition via creativity, create client connections, and enable sales.

The growth in the supply chain because of new market entrants and online channels makes sales a popular career path. With the pandemic largely revving up sales, a career in the same only makes sense thanks to abundant opportunities. 

This article reviews the steps to becoming a corporate sales professional, what steps to take, and the primary responsibilities. 

What Does a Corporate Sales Representative Do?

What Does a Corporate Sales Representative Do

Corporate sales representatives are responsible for the sales of retail products, services, and goods to customers. They guide the buyer’s journey, helping convert prospects and closing deals. 

Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Plan and organise a daily work schedule to contact potential and existing clients, obtain orders, and establish new accounts.
  • Review product literature and price lists to submit orders.
  • Maintain management informed by submitting reports of daily call activity and weekly work plans.
  • Gather current information on the competition, including pricing, products, new products, delivery schedules, and merchandising techniques.
  • Provide solutions to customer complaints by investigating issues, developing solutions, preparing reports, and recommending solutions to management.

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Steps to Becoming a Corporate Sales Representative

Steps to Becoming a Corporate Sales Representative

Here are the steps you can follow to become a corporate sales representative: 

Complete your education

Employers often prefer candidates with a high school diploma or equivalent. 

Technical programs, associate degrees, and bachelor's degrees are also possible options. 

Popular bachelor’s degree and doctorate programmes include:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Finance
  • Bachelor of Business Administration Sales and Marketing 
  • Bachelor of Commerce Accounts and Finance

Students may be interested in studying accounting, finance, mathematics, and psychology. 

You can also opt for a master’s degree or doctorate programme, including a Master of Commerce (M. Com) Marketing and Master of Business Administration (MBA) Finance/Sales/Marketing. 

Some corporations require additional requirements, so check with the one you're interested in working for. 

Find an entry-level sales job

An entry-level position in sales contributes directly to the company’s bottom line. 

This can help you build hard and soft skills and understand the value of customer service. Some ‌skills you can focus on developing include:

  • Strong verbal communication and writing skills
  • Work ethics
  • Competitiveness
  • Perseverance

Your day-to-day tasks include researching and identifying potential customers, crafting personalised emails and messages, taking follow-up emails, and scheduling meetings for account executives. 

Some of the best entry-level jobs include inside sales, retail sales, commission-based roles, real estate sales, and insurance sales. 

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Complete your training 

On-the-job training is an excellent method for developing skills. However, depending on the product you sell, you may also be required to complete specialised training. Each industry requires different training for specific positions.

Training for sales representatives usually involves working in similar sales positions. You may undergo formal training as soon as you work at your company.

Salary Expectations of a Corporate Sales Representative

The national average salary of a sales associate in India is ₹274,480 per year. However, the pay rate depends on the location, educational qualifications, and years of experience.

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Typically, as with other careers, salary for corporate sales reps increase with experience and skills. 

3 Tips for Getting a Corporate Sales Job

Here are some tips you can follow to kick-start your career in sales: 

1. Build a professional network

Taking part in networking events is an excellent way to find employment opportunities. Building a strong network can lead to faster job placements.

Attend industry conferences in your area, connect with sales managers on social media sites, attend networking events, and seek ‌professional associations.

2. Have a strong understanding of sales

It's important to have a basic knowledge of sales before you go on job interviews. Read blogs and books on sales to learn the nuances of sales and the know-how of sales strategies. 

This can help you craft strong responses during your interviews and increase your chances of getting hired. 

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3. Showcase your transferable skills 

Consider highlighting your transferable skills, especially in entry-level positions to get a competitive advantage. 

Even if you don’t have direct sales experience, skills you gained during your training or internship can add value and help you get hired. 

Some of the key transferable skills include communication skills, leadership, analytical skills and problem-solving. You can also share relevant anecdotes from your previous work experience. 

Career Path Progression for Corporate Sales Reps 

Here are some of the career paths for a sales rep: 

1. Market research analysts

National average salary: ₹372,773 per year

Primary responsibilities: These professionals gather market information and details of customers and competition to recognise business goals—studying and analysing statistical data through different methodologies. 

2. Advertising sales representative

National average salary: ₹820,000/year

Primary responsibilities: These professionals identify potential customers through cold calling, emails, or following up on inquiries. Advertising sales reps may also prepare media kits, negotiate contracts, obtain approvals on advertising drafts, and answer customer questions.

3. Public relations specialists

National average salary: ₹610,419 per year

Primary responsibilities: Public relations specialists liaise between companies and their clients. In addition, the public relations department develops, frames, and maintains its reputation and brand. 

Communication is one of their primary duties, including identifying social media platforms, maintaining media relations, and building company awareness.

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