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Why Software Sales is an Excellent Way to Jump-Start your Career

A career in technology is lucrative. But have you ever considered a career in software (tech) sales? For the uninitiated, a career in software sales may be rewarding for those interested in sales strategies, relationship building, and computer sciences. 

According to BusinessToday, software products sales in India are likely to reach $30 billion by 2025. Moreover, in a rapidly expanding tech market, many new roles, opportunities, and methods could use software to solve problems. This paves the way for the tech-focused sales market. 

This article explains what software sales are, which career path you could follow, and tips for growing as a software sales professional. 

What are Software Sales?

What are Software Sales

Like regular sales, software sales corroborates selling software as a product or service to clients who can be individuals and enterprises. 

Such software could range from banking, photo-editing, marketing, SEO and software for other niches and categories. 

Software sales professionals are uniquely trained to identify potential loopholes in their client's technology stack and suggest a feasible software solution that they can provide to meet the client’s requirements. 

Software companies that sell software-as-a-service (SaaS) or software products employ software sales professionals in different roles and responsibilities. 

What Makes Software Sales a Rewarding Career in 2022?

In 2021, India's IT spending on software was estimated to be around $9.19 billion dollars. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which accelerated the process of digitalisation for many companies, was the reason for the increase in software spending compared to 2020.

The crux is clear: growth opportunities in software sales are abundant. Here are some ‌reasons why choosing software sales as a profession could be rewarding: 

High earning potential

Software sales are among the fastest-growing niches in sales. The national average salary for software consultants in India is Rs. 8,75,752. However, please note that this number may vary based on the employer, the job title, the roles played and seniority.  

A career in software sales has significantly higher earning potential than the national average salary for many other professions. This fact alone makes it an excellent opportunity for those interested in pursuing a career in technology and who want to make some big bucks.

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Learn transferable skills

As a software sales professional, you will gain soft skills that you can apply in other roles and occupations. Some common soft skills you’ll gain and polish in your tenure as a software sales professional could include communication, negotiation, and problem-solving skills. You can attribute success in sales to action, regardless of your prior experience.

Networking opportunities

You can leverage the contacts developed through your work in tech sales. For example, it's common to meet business owners, vendors, entrepreneurs, software developers, and CEOs while pitching complex technology products and services.

The people you meet can help you extend your professional network, increase your knowledge, and keep your job role interesting.

Increased job security and stability

Software sales can provide more stability and higher pay than most sales jobs. A company may also offer its employees extensive training programs to help them develop a strong sales mindset. As a result, you can grow as an employee with a strong work ethic and resilience. 

Less experience required

Many employers look for people with strong communication skills, resilience, and drive to succeed rather than technical expertise when hiring for software sales positions. This is irrespective of the fact that they work with high-end technology. 

Notably, good salespeople come from diverse backgrounds. With little or no experience, you can apply for entry-level positions at many technology sales teams and departments and prove your worth.

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Career Path for Software Sales Professionals

Career Path for Software Sales Professionals

Here are some career paths for software sales professionals: 

Sales development representatives (SDRs)

National average salary: ₹586,471 per year

A sales development representative is an inside sales representative who focuses primarily on prospecting, outreach, and lead qualification. 

They receive lead information from the marketing team, where SDRs qualify and push them through the sales funnel. At this point, sales representatives take charge of positioning the right products at the right time for a successful closure. 

The number of qualified leads they move through their pipeline evaluates their performance. Commissions are based on the number of deals they pass compared to their target or quota.

Sales development managers (SDMs)

National average salary: ₹5,13,263 per year

Sales development managers play a key role in the sales organisation. SDR managers recruit, train, and onboard new SDRs. In addition, the SDR manager is the focal point between the top sales reps and the VP of sales.

Account executive

National average salary: ₹2,23,277 per year

In software sales, account executives liaise with potential clients, close deals, and maintain client relationships to ensure that the products are justified and clients are satisfied. Besides offering enormous scope for career advancement, this role also offers high potential for earning commissions.

Sales operations

National average salary: ₹4,12,289 per year

Sales operations managers help streamline the sales process by handling everything that enables sales representatives to perform their duties. 

This extends to managing sales pipelines, providing platform and analytics support, monitoring business and sales metrics, managing CRM data, and forecasting sales. 

Since sales operations teams have a lesser direct role in revenue generation than sales representatives, they usually do not earn commissions.

Tips for Growth in Software Sales

Here are some tips you can incorporate for growth in the role of software sales: 

Analyse business pain points

There is a constant search for tools to handle customers' problems and solve mission-critical business challenges.

As a part of the software sales team, you must understand the problem and have the resources to resolve it. In addition, it’s also imperative to prepare prospects for a potential switchover to a ‌product and provide them with the highest level of help possible.

Focus on relationship building

You are responsible for connecting and communicating with leads across multiple channels in any sales job. The case is the same in software sales. 

Developing communication skills and engaging with leads can enable you to develop a track record of advocating for both clients and your organisation's products and services.  

Understand the tools and workflows 

You will commonly employ various tools like CRMs, lead generation, and sales enablement as a software sales professional. Therefore, it is important to be acquainted with them through active learning.

Understanding the technology stack will better position you to engage with your leads.

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